Reality check #12 πŸ₯—Raw facts about meπŸ₯—

I’m knocking on the door of reality after a long time. Oh, it has been opened, so finally I’m stepping in but for sixty seconds.

πŸ₯Reality is still gorgeous like beforeπŸ₯

πŸ₯— πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—

Today I’m sharing 4 raw random facts about me ⬇️ (I’m serious now, maybe not so much)

1. I don’t have any special time to write for blog. I write whenever words tingle my mind.

2. Sometime they ask me about the name of my site (yup, Hopeless fountain) By the way I’m not hopeless in reality.

3. I highly dislike to ask questions anyone (basically personal) & it’s also highly irritating when someone ask me (basically personal)

4. The toughest writing for me is award posts, moreover again questions. (Secret_ there are 25 pending nominations. Actually I’m dreaming about Nobel prize. Ah! I know it will remain only a dream)

So it ends here. Hope I’ll visit reality soon again.


Caution ~ This post might be boring. Read at your own risk.πŸ™


Crushed capsule #3

Her under-eyes were dark. It seemed she had been passing through sleepless nights. She was busy in choosing dress for her 5 years old son. I saw her as soon as I entered the shop. She was indifferent to surrounding that she didn’t even notice me. Samina was my friend and classmate too. She had been married suddenly at the age of 19. Not many of our friends knew about her marriage. I was watching her after 6 years.

“Samina!” _ I came close to her and I was reluctant too calling her name. She looked to me with vague sigh. I felt she couldn’t recognise me. She was staring at me like a child without speaking any word.

“Samina! Right?” _ I asked again.

“Yes, God! You are Nisha!” _ Her voice was delightful. She was surprised too.

“You just disappeared leaving all of us in curiosity. We only heard that you got married.”_ I was happy to see her after long time but I was so sure something was wrong with her. She was changed from her behaviour to dress up. That change wasn’t good hint.

Her smile wasn’t natural. She forced her lips to smile.

“Parents asked to get married as my relatives also suggested he was the best man for me.” _ Agony was reflected from her face. But she was trying hard to hide it under the scarf.

A man with tall figure approached us in the middle of our conversation. His arrival struck Samina with discomfort. She stopped talking, saying only goodbye she walked away with that man like a pet. I too bade her goodbye. That man was her husband. I had no idea why he was glancing at me. I was standing there speechless. The old days of high school flashed in my mind. Samina used to be a funny and lively girl. That Samina was lost somewhere now. She seemed a zombie with no feeling.

Next day I called one of my friends asking about Samina because my mind was restless to know if she was happy. My friend told, her husband abused her now and then, he didn’t allow her to meet anyone. She was like a servant to him. I found it hard to believe, when we were lecturing huge words of morality in public, there were many Samina were being treated inhumanly behind closed doors. I felt ashamed that I was also a part of this hypocrisy.


Reality check #11 (Fact)

Facts are often bitter and hard. Hard to accept & hard to adjust. Most of the people of the world has been fighting their own battles. Everyone has different reasons, different problems, some have solutions & some don’t have. Some are pretty busy in judging others without knowing the facts behind their choices. But above all, no matter how much everyone is strong, everyone seeks a person with an expectation that he or she would understand him or her hundred percent. You know that’s near to impossible. I don’t know if some people found that miraculous person who understands their every mood, every decision and every act fully. But my personal view isn’t hopeful. I would prefer to seek my own inner company, they will be there to clap on your happiness, they will listen to your worries and would deliver some sympathetic words. But in the end, you have to fight your own battle with all your scars and flaws. You lose, they will laugh on your back. You win, they will request you to let them know the secrets behind your victory.


P. S. There is a quote which attracts meπŸ”»

Reality check #10 πŸŒ‡ A bit of reality πŸŒƒ

Today I’m taking break from fictional world for a little while. I was thinking to spend sometime in reality lately. (Oh, I’m really serious.)

And the reality which was hopping inside my mind ➑️ Personality of person.

Let’s come straight to the pointsπŸ”»

As we all know there are two basic renowned types of personality. Yeah, your guess is right βž– Introvert & Extrovert. ( Actually, I’m a little nervous now🀫)

πŸ”ˆIntrovert: Recently I have encountered some introverts, I mean they tag themselves as introvert. At the same time they are announcing to the world when they are eating, where they’re going, most of their likes & dislikes. I think a sub category should be added to introvert. And it’s like extrovertly introvert. πŸ”ŠπŸ”ˆπŸ”Š

πŸ”Š Extrovert: Most of the people I meet in my daily life are extrovert. Oh, it’s not me. It’s what they call themselves. Interesting fact is that they hardly let others to peep in their lives. You can’t say what they’re up to. They seem open book but each page is encrypted with code. And the suggested sub category isβž– introvertly extrovert. πŸ”ˆπŸ”ŠπŸ”ˆ


P.S. Don’t take it seriously. This post has been created for fun.

Here is a secret πŸ’Œ I’m a pure Introvert & I strictly follow the rules.


Reality check #8πŸ”₯πŸ”₯(Now or Never)πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

No one is going to give a damn what you are passing through. No one really cares to know the reasons behind your choices. Stop crying to people that he isn’t doing this for you, she isn’t doing that etc. Cause they will only enjoy the show sitting in their comfort zone. Interestingly they will hate you, rate you according their mood leaving you exhausted.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current situation then it’s only you and you who can take a chance to change it. Babbling your complains to them definitely won’t change your current situation. Take charge of your problems on your own hands. You do mistakes, you fall but don’t quit trying. It’s never late to begin. It’s not sure that you are coming to this world one more time to fulfill your all those wishes. If you really want to turn your wishes in to reality then go for it. It’s the time. Don’t wait for another time. Simply it’s Now or Never.


Reality check #7 ( Through poem)

When life throws all the reasons to give up,

When I feel like the world is going to meet its doom tomorrow,

Confidence sinks in eclipse

Fear of failure chases me everywhere

And the chances to arise again seems impossible,

My mind keeps running here and there seeking doors to the valid answer.


So is it a best idea to take a possibly impossible chance and to achieve desired destination?

I would like to know your thoughts..


Reality check #4

It’s a bit weird perhaps. Whenever I fall sick and if it doesn’t get cured within a day. I become so restless. So many questions run inside my head. One of them is _ if I die this time! No no, I’m not afraid about after death affects, like if I’m gonna be fried in hot oil or I would get grilled over burning coal etc. I just don’t want to leave the beautiful people around me. I want to see their sweet faces everyday. And I don’t care if some of them belong to intolerable zone. They also inspire me to live somehow. I’m thankful to them too. No one is going to live forever. So Live, Laugh, Love, Forgive & Forward.πŸ₯°

“When the person won’t be around anymore then what’s the point to count his mistakes!”πŸ’ž