Loving Liya

Liya’s white cheeks turned red, she was crying, babbling reasons and our past promises and texts. If somebody had asked me how would you feel when the world would collapse to end, then surely it was the feeling, watching my girl sleeping with other guy. I was praying, it might be a nightmare. It wasn’t. I couldn’t blame the guy, he didn’t force her to cheat on me. It was Liya’s own choice. An intentional mistake or sin! She was uttering sorry and Don’t leave me repeatedly like an insane. I wasn’t a metahuman to tolerate such heavy weight of deception with my little heart. The guy sought forgiveness from me, he cleared that he had no idea Liya already had me. Liya made him to trust that she loved him and there was no one except him. Oh my Liya, what you have done!

“You only have to ask that you like someone else. I would have walked away. All I want your happiness.” _ My words were broken, perplexed with sadness.

“No, no.. I want you in my life. I have done mistake. Forgive me, please!” _ Liya wasn’t the same girl anymore whom I had been known from childhood.

We played together, grew up together, we became friends then fell in love. I was in illusion that I was the only person who knew her in and out. Now I was nothing more than a stranger to her. She might forget her promise but my vow wasn’t fickle.

“Liya, I remember my words. No matter what I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I’ll be loving you to all the morrows. If it’s a mistake then hold my hand dear and get out of here.” _ I said with firm voice. It took so much strength of my shattered heart to lock the pain inside.

It has been one month, Liya is like before again, an innocent face with the sweetest smile. Whenever I see her beautiful face, I forget the pain which she gifted me. I cry in lonely midnight for her treachery but still I love her no matter what and she is going to be my beautiful wife soon.



Reality check #12 πŸ₯—Raw facts about meπŸ₯—

I’m knocking on the door of reality after a long time. Oh, it has been opened, so finally I’m stepping in but for sixty seconds.

πŸ₯Reality is still gorgeous like beforeπŸ₯

πŸ₯— πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸ₯—

Today I’m sharing 4 raw random facts about me ⬇️ (I’m serious now, maybe not so much)

1. I don’t have any special time to write for blog. I write whenever words tingle my mind.

2. Sometime they ask me about the name of my site (yup, Hopeless fountain) By the way I’m not hopeless in reality.

3. I highly dislike to ask questions anyone (basically personal) & it’s also highly irritating when someone ask me (basically personal)

4. The toughest writing for me is award posts, moreover again questions. (Secret_ there are 25 pending nominations. Actually I’m dreaming about Nobel prize. Ah! I know it will remain only a dream)

So it ends here. Hope I’ll visit reality soon again.


Caution ~ This post might be boring. Read at your own risk.πŸ™

Black pearl ~ post5

There was a blur figure next to my body. I had been unconscious beside the front door. I was unable to count minutes. My heart was in panic when I saw three incredibly beautiful ladies. They looked unnaturally gorgeous. They were staring at me eagerly. It seemed they were waiting for me. And he was right next to them standing straight and firm. No one could deny their angelic appearances. I tried to stand, one of the ladies came closer swiftly to me grabbing my hand, helping me to stand.

“Don’t be panic. You are safe.” _ Her tone was polite and soft.

“Hey, what’s happening here?” _ I sighed to him as it wasn’t feeling real. I might be dreaming. A dream felt so real or a reality looked like dream!

“Oh Vlad, how could you resist your temptation sensing her maiden blood every second?”. _ She asked him with tricky smile. I was staring at each of them in horror. He remained speechless and unmoved. Finally I got to know his name. His name infused bittersweet tingling in my head.

She was pulling me to an old wooden sofa, other two ladies were delighted, their sparkling eyes were mischievous. I was trying to push her away but her grab was vigorous. She whispered some words glaring viciously at me and my hands had been tied with shackles by invisible force. I was more terrified watching the old painting of four incredible women, three of them were infront of me, but the one who wasn’t here, was wearing same black pearl around her neck. Crows and Ravens were whirling above the castle with eerie noise.

“We have been waiting your arrival for a century. We’ll be grateful for your sacrifice.” _ Her words stricked me with horror.

“What sacrifice you’re telling about?” _ I gulped.

“One of our sister was burnt by the town’s people a century ago. She was the most powerful among us, she had the gift of premonition. She predicted before her death, she would be resurrected in a girl’s body wearing her black pearl on her hundredth death anniversary.” _ The red haired woman gave me another shock wave.

“So you’re going to kill me!” _ My voice was begging.

“You’ll live metaphysically. Only your body will be taken by our sister so that she can relive with us again. For that we need your beating heart but ripped out by a vampire’s claws only when you are alive.” _ The woman who tied my hands spoke out these horror sentences. Now I knew who was the vampire here with blood temptation when Vlad put his hand on my chest before I could notice him coming.

“Why? You don’t need to do this!” _ My eyes were full of tears, my voice was shaken.

“I need to do.. I can be human again.” _ There was sadness in his tone. He was more helpless than me. I was a tiny human among witches and vampire. I couldn’t decide, should I praise his tricky trap? Or to fell for those emerald eyes? My chest was frozen by his touch. The Queens were chanting spells around me,my soul would be glorified if it would be freed by Vlad. His cold hand was still on my chest.

“What are you waiting for?” _ I gasped looking at his godly face.

( I woke up on my bed, I saw my parents having breakfast and they were calling me to join. I was in home and I wasn’t sure, it was a nightmare or a dream!)

πŸƒThe endπŸƒ

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Black pearl ~ post4

Black pearl ~ post4

The sky was orangey even it was afternoon. The heat wasn’t very heartless when he was sitting next to me. The other side of Queens forest was grandeur. Perhaps the town’s people hadn’t reached this part ever. I hadn’t seen any people here except us atypically. Anyway it was beautiful.

“I’m sorry for your parents.” _ His voice evaded the silence between us.

“You don’t have to be sorry. It was my fate.” _ I was sad. I was missing them.

“What is that on your neck?” _ He pointed to the locket of my neck.

“Oh, it’s a black pearl.” _

“Where did you get this?” _ He asked curiously.

“Mother gifted me on my eighth birthday.” _ I murmured sadly.

“Black pearl is really rare. Where did your mother find this?” _ He asked anxiously tho’ his face was serene.

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell and I hadn’t asked too.” _ His curiosity for the black pearl made me a little confused. Moreover I was elated that we talked even for my locket for a while.

We took our step to the stream. I asked him about the stream on the way. He told his home was beside the stream. When I asked his name, he kept it secret till we reached the stream. My optimistic legs followed him as the path was full of hopes.

The sky changed shades to crimson, the sun was hiding and the castle beside the stream appeared to be an ancient architecture. The skin on his face was shining like clean crystal in twilight. Eventually we reached the front door. It was a very big and tall door I had ever scene. The door opened itself when we stood closer to it. My eyes turned wider seeing the interior, huge collection of unique arts, paintings and rare crystals on the walls. The whole environment was captivating but spooky, the less number of furniture bewildered me. I turned to ask him about furniture. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t anywhere. I yelled to every corner but he didn’t appeare. I stared the walls hysterically. I sprinted to the front door, my hands slammed with whole force, it wasn’t opening.

To be continued…

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Black pearl ~ post3

Black pearl ~ post3

My hands were on soil, my body was tired. I sat under an old pine tree but he didn’t look back. He wasn’t stopping like it was urgent to reach the stream before sunset.

“I can’t walk now. I need to rest.” _ I tried to say louder but my tongue was thirsty for water and my stomach was screaming for food.

He rushed to me within seconds. My eyes couldn’t notice how he turned back so fast. I might be hallucinating out of hunger.

“No no, you can’t rest. We have to keep going.” _ He said rudely. It struck me with a little shock, anyone could be spellbound by his angelic charm but his approach towards me wasn’t usual. There was lack of harmony between his features and gestures. At the same time, I admitted inside my head, he saved me afterall.

“I can’t walk. I’m so hungry. Aren’t you hungry a bit?” _ I was dying in hunger.

“Okay,okay. I’ll get fruits for you. Just stay here. Don’t go anywhere. It’s not safe.” _ He sounded strict like he was commanding me. And I nodded like a disciple to his command .

Those apples were green like his emerald eyes. He surprised me again by green apples. There was not a single tree of apple close to us. He brought them within seconds and put on my palms.

“You should have one too! You must be hungry!” _ My manner was right there. I couldn’t deny, he was miraculous being, there was no sign of hunger or tiredness on his body, not a single drop of sweat on his skin after walking two hours under the sun. He only glanced at me saying he already had. It was hard to believe but I was afraid too to ask him anymore.

I was so hungry so I decided to think about it after eating apple. I had only one apple, I felt my stomach full. My tongue had never tasted such sweet apple before. He might be really a pagan god of nature.

“Can we continue now?” _ His voice was restless yet so firm.

I knew he won’t like it at all but I was sitting there silent. He came closer with expressionless face and his jaws were tight. He might be angry upon me. Unexpectedly my little fear flew away when he sat right next to me. Oh, these emerald eyes would kill me one day!(I whispered inside my head)

To be continued…

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Black pearl ~ post2

Black pearl ~ post2

There was ninety nine point nine percent chance that my body was going to shatter in to dozen of pieces, I was fantasizing about death. All the calculations of my fractured bones went wrong when I landed on someone’s arms. My heart was beating like thunder. I opened my eyes in no time to see my savior. It was no more night, his angelic face was shimmering in dim dawn. He had a pair of deep green eyes, I had never seen green eyes, glittering like emerald, his sigh was fixed on my face. I was dumbstruck to see someone so magical in appearance in the middle of Queens forest. Night passed swiftly, dawn broke unexpectedly.

“I think you should get down now. I can’t hold you in my arms for whole day.” _ His voice was mellifluous and rare.

“I haven’t imagined death would have such handsome features. Are you taking me to hell now?” _ I asked restlessly as I was so sure that I was died and now I was only a spirit.

He chuckled and put me down with least effort. Queens forest wasn’t deep ghastly anymore. The land was blooming greenery with wild weeds, dandelions and a few pine trees. Nature seemed blushing virgin. My eyes found it difficult to differentiate, which one I should behold, the magical land or the green eyes.

“You are alive and healthy. We are only in the other side of Queens forest. I found you shivering in cold laying on grass last night. You were in deep sleep. I tried but you didn’t wake up so I lifted you on my arms.” _ He said with ease but there was no expression on his face. He was like ancient pagan god and this marvelous land was his holy temple. I felt myself a petty intruder.

“You could have left me there.” _ I murmured looking down to the ground.

“Yes, you would have become dinner of lions. And no time for talk, we have to walk miles to the stream before sunset. Follow my steps.” _ He grinned but cautiously. He began walking like a king and the wooden stick on his hand seemed his sword.

I was standing there. He was going far from me.

“Why should I follow you? Who are you? I have met you just.” _ I shouted from behind.

“Is there any place where you can go right now?” _ He turned back to me. He voice was harsh.

His question rang in my ear. I knew I didn’t have any home and parents to go. I was wondering how he knew about my home and parents. He kept walking again and he was confident that I would follow him. It won’t be that hazardous if I had walked with him. I walked after him, sometime with him. We had been walking for two hours and my legs were declining to take further steps. He was awkwardly silent but still not a least sign of tiredness on his body.

To be continued…

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Black pearl ~ post1


I’m so lonely but crowd isn’t what I’m seeking to be happy.

I’m so lonely that I can’t feel the world around.

I’m so lonely here without you, when you left without saying reason.

I’m so lonely that I feel like dying and I’m weeping on my own death.

Now I have only carcasses of your empty promises.

Oh, I’m so lonely that my soul is aching out of your absence and silence.

Oh, how I couldn’t have noticed you are also from this earth!

I’m so lonely that I can’t breathe a single second without your presence in my existence.

Oh, I’m so lonely that I know now you and I are never meant to be forever as forever doesn’t last any longer.

Oh, I’m so lonely that I’ll be only a part of untold myth hereafter.