Damn my soul

Judge me when I’m laying on the edge of knife,

Damn my soul with irreversible curse,

I’m so certain, you feel ecstasy blazing my skin on fire,

But I’m so done this time,

I sleep on bed full of ruined promises

My breathe inhales lies of my own blood

And you call it unconditional tie

Get a fool to fool you

but not me,

My heartache

and demon are my only enemies and friends,

Oh, they are so true!


My soul is stranger

My soul is stranger to those familiar faces

They demand to be my same kind,

Are they pretty at pretending?

Or is it a fashionable custom?

And I’m trapped in vanity box

but scattered in pieces

And the truth, nobody can build me whole.

The constant feel to be a stranger

An enigmatic existence!

Unexplainable doubts chew my brain cautiously.

Their alien sigh whispers in midnight

that I don’t belong here,

I’m lost stranger, unable to process their language.

Just like that trapped word inside an unfolded page,

The intelligent writer who created me

somehow forgot to put me in right book.


I’m so lonely but crowd isn’t what I’m seeking to be happy.

I’m so lonely that I can’t feel the world around.

I’m so lonely here without you, when you left without saying reason.

I’m so lonely that I feel like dying and I’m weeping on my own death.

Now I have only carcasses of your empty promises.

Oh, I’m so lonely that my soul is aching out of your absence and silence.

Oh, how I couldn’t have noticed you are also from this earth!

I’m so lonely that I can’t breathe a single second without your presence in my existence.

Oh, I’m so lonely that I know now you and I are never meant to be forever as forever doesn’t last any longer.

Oh, I’m so lonely that I’ll be only a part of untold myth hereafter.


I was waking in moonless night

My sky of hope lost it on way back to home,

I found venom rolled memories on my pillow

where my shameless tears kissed them passionately,

Then I drank each drop tasted like nectar

My blind trust was poisoned everyday

by a glass full of little lies,

My heart stopped to sing your rhythm

Deceptive beats infected each blood vessel

You ignored my begging to be true,

Oh love, rip my heart out

I will smile,

Only stop stabbing on my back

with tricky lies.


And you were right next to me

saying darling, it’s okay,

listening all my trivial words.

when I was lame,

too lazy to response

And you were right next to me

saying just be with me.

When I was sleepy stoic,

nodding to your every question

And you were right next to me

saying sleep baby, I’ll be watching your face.

When my mood was aromantic

I was hazy to linger on you,

And you were right next to me

saying hold my hand and just sit.

Oh love, but I have a whinge

Tell me if you are a wizard

with blue magics

cause all your spells work

on every different me precisely.