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My mother didn’t let me wash the clothes. I insisted as she had been doing most of the works for three days. She got tired but she never agreed. Papa used to smile watching her restless. I had never seen such happiness on their faces. I was happy too. Afterall I was getting married. They told me not to be worried as everything would be beautiful. My cousins had been hovering around me for twenty-four hours. They had been asking about my wishes as I was the only princess and they had to follow all my commands. There were only ten days left and I would be 19 years old. I was daydreaming about him. I already created a picture of him in my mind. I painted that picture with all the colours of rainbow.

The shades on his picture_

( He would be the one with whom I would talk all my nonsense thoughts. My head would rest on his shoulder far from every tumult of the world. We would talk for hours in lazy days and our fingers would intertwine playfully. He would be my best friend forever. )

“Fiza, do you want anything?” Papa’s voice was loud as always. I returned back to reality leaving his picture locked somewhere in my brain.

“Papa, you already have asked more than ten times. And you have given everything in abundance.” I sat next to Papa with smile. It seemed he was in a battle and he knew he would lose this time. Papa had been a miraculous person for me always. I was in love with story books and poetry books besides school books. He told that I can find knowledge in books and with knowledge I would be able to win every battle of life. Papa used to inspire me to be a successful lady in future. He told me that it would be possible even after my marriage. And I believed each word of him.

To be continued…


I, beyond you


I dwell in a castle

made of words.


a wandering mage

swirling a dern wand.


paint me in their

illusionary musing.


my legs are wild

run in deep forest.


thread made of ashes

can’t tie my emerald heart.


a fancy crown

twinkles on my head.


all you can do only

for my white shadow.

Mystranger, Say my name

After being unconscious for three hours in the operation room, I felt light as feather. I couldn’t move my limbs. My vision was blurred. My body could feel the presence of persons around but my eyes were too weak to recognise any of them. Then a blurred tattoo of eagle. How was it possible? Had I died already? I was pulling all my energy to open my eyes. The more I tried, more the room sank into darkness.

My brain couldn’t remember the dark hours. There was smooth touch of tough palm on my right hand. My skin sensed his glorious touch. Even in my last minutes I would be the luckiest to praise his charm.

“You’ll miss your flight.”_ I thought it sounded loud but it was more like whisper.

“You don’t have to worry about my flight. I’m going nowhere leaving you. If Ms Smita won’t have informed me from your phone..!”_ Davis sighed helplessly.

His eyes were clear but full of sorrow. I didn’t like those tears, about to flow. He was resisting hard himself not to feel pain but that was vain. Now we both knew only parting was waiting for us.

” Can’t you stay for a few more years with me? We can start with a date!” _ He murmured with his same angelic voice tho’ it wasn’t cheerful. All I could see pain on his face.

“Shh…”_ I hushed placing my finger against his brilliantly shaped lips. I knew my body was laying on death bed and he was sitting next to me holding my pale hand. I saw salvation in his eyes. I never thought that my death would be such tranquil.

” Davis, promise me you would be fine if I don’t reply to your texts!”_ I wanted to be strong but I was babbling. The silence wasn’t suffocating, it was serene. He was still holding my hand, his grab had became tight now. After a few minutes he said _ ” Yes, I’ll be fine.”

“What’s my name ?Davis.”_ I asked only to hear my name from his angelic mouth for one last time.

He said looking into my eyes_ ” You’re my Viola.”


” Goodnight, goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow,that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” _ William Shakespeare.

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Mystranger, One more day

The moon was shining brighter, the stars were singing melody. It seemed they were celebrating a grand festival and I was the only spectator in midnight. My happiness was heightened at Davis’ arrival. I was seeing him everywhere in my room. My mind became delirious and my eyes got addicted to his face. I hadn’t experienced such joy in a decade. Tears trickled down my cheeks because I knew I wasn’t destined to see his face again. I couldn’t let my darkness ruin his peace.

It was 2 p.m. The blue light of my phone blinked. It was Davis.

“Sleeping or dreaming?”

For the first time my fingers weren’t excited to text him back. I closed my eyes not because I was sleepy. I intentionally wanted to be blind to his texts.


It was all white, the bedsheet, curtains,walls and the floor. The sunrays were trying hard to come through the curtains but my life was unable to praise such glory. Smita hung the saline bottle next to me, my skin was numb when she pricked on my arm. I felt nothing.

“Oh dear, you are looking gorgeous.”_ Smita murmured on my right ear.

I knew she was trying to make me comfortable with my new hairstyle. Smita was an amiable woman. She had been my doctor for last four months. Actually now I had such rare haircut that I won’t need any kind of equipments to beautify my hair. The blue light was still blinking as I didn’t reply Davis last night.

“You’ll be fine, Viola. Are you ready for this?” _ Smita had such a kind voice.

I only nodded my head nonchalantly. Because I was so sure what would happen next. I learnt to accept, live with and die with my fate.

“Your phone has been blinking since you have been admitted in hospital. Why don’t you respond to it?”

“I don’t want to be an omen to his journey.”

“Viola, oh my God! It’s him. You met him. Right?” _ Smita asked surprisingly.

” I met him yesterday for the first and last time.” _ My voice was reluctant.

“And you didn’t tell him this!”_ Smita wanted to know eagerly.

I kept quiet only saying no to her. She didn’t ask anything further. Perhaps she felt my unspeakable pain. My pain wasn’t about that I won’t wake up again next morning. I was in pain because he came to me when barely a day was left in my life.

To be continued…

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Mystranger, Zephyr of hope

I knew I was blushing and I was cent percent sure that he could notice every bit of it on my face. I wanted to look into his eyes but at the same time I felt embarrassment because I was already starting at him. I was mesmerized by his grace. My eyes couldn’t deny that he was devastatingly gorgeous, his jaw, nose and lips, all his features were perfect. His eyeballs were very dark as well as compelling. The setting rays of the sun made his cheeks to shimmer as he was an angel, descended from heaven, sitting in front of me . I felt he was also scanning every gesture of me. After a few more minutes he ordered two black coffee.

You have been in Shillong all the time! You didn’t mention once in your text.” My voice was more curious than earlier.

Actually I wasn’t sure about you and I had been sent here by the company for seven months for a special project.”

Really, he wasn’t sure about me. A sudden surge of displeasure raised in my mind. I ignored the project part. I couldn’t find words for exact reply.

“Okay. You weren’t sure. Well, are you sure now?” I knew I didn’t have any right to be demanding to a stranger. I was consoling myself that he was just a stranger. We weren’t bound for life after all.

“Viola, I was kidding about the not sure about you part. I wanted to surprise you. But I agree it’s quite magical, we have met every evening for last seven months yet we remained stranger.” His every word sounded magical to my ears.

“So you’ll leave after finishing the project?” I was requesting more than asking.

” I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m happy that I have met you.” His gaze was fix at mine. We both were indifferent to the surrounding of the restaurant at that moment. His words were stupefying my brain. We remained silent again for a few minutes. Somehow thought of his departure made me a little sad. I didn’t respond to him as I was searching for words what to say. The bittersweet silence was broken by the sound of coffee cups, perhaps the waiter intentionally made noise to wake up us from daydreaming.

“Would you come to the airport tomorrow? Viola.” Oh, I had never liked the pronunciation of my name until it was spelled by his lips.

“I would like to bade you goodbye. Don’t worry, I’ll come definitely.” I wasn’t much happy saying the lines. I could see his eyes were full of undefined emotions.


This evening was unusual. It carried a Zephyr of hope in to my hopeless life.

” Aren’t you not going to the bus stop today Mr. Umm…? Seriously! I hadn’t known his name yet. I was about to walk to the bus stop and I hoped he would join me. But I wasn’t much fortunate.

” Davis, it’s Davis. Hope this time my name would change from Mystranger to my real name. I’m staying in hotel tonight. I’m really sorry, we are not destined to go together this evening. He said with an angelic smile.

“See you tomorrow Davis.” I tried to sound cheerful as those moments with him fled in the blink of eye.

He walked to hotel and I forwarded my steps to bus stop. A single road but we were bound to walk in opposite direction. I took slow and lazy steps.

” I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. Don’t make me to miss flight.” He shouted from behind. I turned back instantly.

” Noted.” I responded a little loud and waved my hand. He too waved his hand with a wide smile on his face.

I was whispering to myself ‘I’m sorry Davis’ as my eyes were full of tears and my legs were declining to walk.

To be continued…

Mystranger, Find me here( part-II)πŸ‘‡

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